Place of the Conference





The place of the Conference

The Conference will be held in beautiful place of the Southern Coast of Crimea in Novy Svet (Crimea, Ukraine).

Small town Novy Svet is located in the Crimea near the coastal town of Sudak. The way to the Novy Svet is via Simferopol. Simferopol is Crimea's main transportation hub. You can get to Simferopol from Kyiv, Lviv, Moscow, Istanbul, and many western European cities, including Frankfurt, Tallinn and Riga by plain. 

You can get form Simferopol to Novy Svet by taxi (aprox. 50 EUR) or bus (aprox. 5 EUR) from the Simferopol train station (aprox. 120 km trip).

Please contact the Organizing Committee for assistance to arrive to the Novy Svet from Simferopol. If you feel brave, you can independently use the services of local importunate taxi drivers.

The cultural features of the Crimean region:

    - the population does not speaking in English;

    - Russian is the universal language of communication, Ukrainian language in most cases is not used;

    - Crimean Tatars speak their own CrimeanTatar language;

    - mentality and lifestyle of peoples is closer to Eastern tradition.

Participants of conference will be accommodated in Tourist center “Novy Svet” which settle down on coast of the Black See. Cost of residing is from 25 € including accommodation, breakfast, dinner and supper. Room reservations should be done by the organizing committee.


Cultural Program

The cultural program will be in frame of the conference. Cost of excursion on South Crimea is above 10-15 € for person.

Hotels in Novy Svet

Hotel "Novy Svet"

Hotel "Prince Golitsyn"

 Novy Svet more detailed on the GoogleMap



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